Artist Spotlight: Us

Excited to share the cover for our upcoming album, “No Matter Where You Are”, available 11/26/13.


Guys, guys, guys.  Girls, girls, girls.  Everyone.  I’m in love.

Of course, that’s how I get whenever I discover a new band.  And this time it’s this adorable and incredibly talented duo called Us.  Have you heard of Us?  No?  Well, start listening because these two are amazing.  No, no, I mean insanely amazing!

For one, they’re a real-life couple making beautiful music with their absolutely beautiful voices.

I found out about them through my sister who played me one of their songs “Falling in Love.”  And, as you can see, I fell in love.  My favorite thing about this song is that it captures exactly how one would want to feel whilst falling in love, in my opinion.  You’re dancing away on Cloud Nine, not caring about anyone watching, and complete with heart-eyes (new word).

Their latest album, No Matter Where You Are, came out just around the end of 2013, sophomore album to their debut, self-titled album–Us.  So far, I can listen to every single song on both albums without wanting to skip around to different songs.  Soooo…for the rest of my life, I will probably feel the same.  It’s just one of those feel-good albums that uplift you on days that have you feeling some typa way.  Their song “Final Bow” has a sort of Lily Allen ‘f-you’ in this happy song feel to it because it’s about breaking away from those who do nothing good for you in your life, throw you around like a puppet, and expect the absolute worst to come out from you.  So, la la la la la, watch me walk away.  Aside from the feel good songs, they still sing about the songs that many can relate to, heartbreak–with their song justly titled “Heartbreak.”

I seriously cannot get enough of these two!

So, check them out, listen to their music, and take a look at their love story (too perfect).

Click the Links to see:

Us Official Website

Us Instagram

Us Twitter

Us YouTube

End of the Year Playlist


As the final hours of 2013 are making way for 2014, it’s time to compile my top songs for the year’s end.  My cousin and his friends do this thing where they send each other a mix c.d. for the year’s end and it’s probably the coolest/greatest thing because he usually sends me a copy of it!  He’s one of my favorite people to get music passed down to.  For the heck of it, here are my top 13 songs of the year–2013:

1. Tennis Court- Lorde

2. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

3. Still Into You- Paramore

4. Graceless- The National

5. Ceilings- Local Natives

6. Wait For Me- Kings of Leon

7. Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

8. Youth- Daughter

9. Chocolate- The 1975

10. Wakin on a Pretty Day- Kurt Vile

11. Star Crawl- Crystal Stilts

12. Follow Your Arrow- Kacey Musgraves

13. Stay The Night ft. Hayley Williams- Zedd

*It is so hard trying to choose just 13!  But, listen to the playlist here on Spotify!  Enjoy 🙂

I hope 2013 was good to everyone!

Here’s to hoping 2014 will be even BETTER!

The Birth of a New Blog

Hello, all!  I’m Cassandra and I’m pleased to announce the launch of my second blog, Music & Musings.  I run another blog, my personal one, called all things Cass.  When I first started blogging over the summer, I had no idea what to write about.  Eventually, I found my place in sharing personal stories, what’s going in my life, and music.  I decided I wanted to have a separate blog on music and created this new baby, Music & Musings.  

I’ve transferred some posts from all things Cass to here to show the kind of music things I like to blog about.  The subject is so broad, I’m looking forward to writing more on it.  I hope you enjoy these posts and what’s to come 🙂

Catch Me on Bloglovin’

Since I started my first blog, I’ve become quite acquainted with Bloglovin’.  It’s the Facebook of blogs, it has all of your favorite blogs’ feed in one, simple medium.  Some of the blogs I follow are on different web platforms and it’s such a hassle to go from tumblr. to blogger to wordpress or wherever, so Bloglovin’ is that breath of fresh air for bloggers.  So, if you want to keep up with Music & Musings, follow us on Bloglovin’!

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The 1975 @ The Vinyl

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The guys of the 1975 came to Vegas last Saturday and played a show at the Hard Rock’s, The Vinyl.  Starting from their opening act, Linus Young, the show was already set to be a good one.  Good vibes and good music everywhere.  Even that little time in between the opening act and waiting for the main show to start, the waiting playlist was good.

So when they finally showed up and opened up with “The City,” everyone was ready.

It’s easy to just like this band solely for the guys in it.  Tall, tatted, a little rough on the edges and British accents?  Caahhhhmon.

But, it’s also just as easy to hate on a group just for that reason.  The 1975 have so much more going on for them than just that.

I’m all about depth in music.  Lyrics mean everything.  Talent is major and the beat brings everything together.  When they played “Robbers,” it was the best song to slow things down a little bit.  Each transition they had during the show worked and the energy did not die down one bit.  Everyone was feeling it.

The crowd favorite was “Chocolate” and they teased it well by just playing the guitar riff for a good 30 seconds before going into it full force.  At this point, everyone had their phone out to capture it all.  But, up until the bridge Matt says into the mic, “Put your phones away, this is just about us.”

Which I am glad he did because some of us tend to forget the experience of going to a concert.  Going to see a band play and be a part of it all.  Taking the time to hold up your phone and record and take a picture does take a lot away of what you’re supposed to: listen.

The band ended their set with another hit, “Sex,” which riled up the crowd enough to be almost satisfied with the finale.  Although they did put on a good show, it’s only natural to want a little more from something that was so good to us.

Check out their official band page: The 1975
“Chocolate” Video
Their own take on a popular cover: “What Makes You Beautiful”

Jana Kramer @ Gilley’s

Last Monday, I did something a little out of the blue–I went to a concert.  A free concert.

IMG_6019Gilley’s at Treasure Island hosts a number of free concerts (super upset that I missed Kacey Musgraves over the summer) and Jana Kramer was one of them.

If you’re a big “One Tree Hill” fan, like I am, then you’ll understand how much I was fan-girling over lil ‘ol Miss Alex Dupre.  Which, by the way, she did sing “Whiskey.”

IMG_5979The entire atmosphere of Gilley’s is super friendly and fun, with an open dance floor, bull-riding, bar and of course, the only thing that matters really, food.  I envied all those who could pick up on these little dance numbers so quickly.  I lack rhythm and agility to dance as well as they, or to just dance at all.  Period.

Jana’s stage presence is so energetic and interactive, she’s a great performer!  I was lucky to have been close enough to the stage to feel like I was really a part of the performance.  Lucky to have been close, unlucky to be behind probably, the tallest guy there.  I swear, this happens to me every time I go to a concert.  Every single time.  Hashtag short girl probzz

She did end the show on a good note with her hit single, “Why Ya Wanna.”  The anthem for anyone who has been a victim of “the radar.”  (Don’t know what the radar is?  Look out for a post on this soon!)

Music Obsession: Daughter

Picture of Daughter


Made up of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella, the band Daughter hail from London and have been making music since 2010-2011.  After a quick demo EP, Daughter came out with “His Young Heart,” featuring the popular hit “Youth.”  The band is currently on tour in Europe.

My love for Daughter runs for miles because I can listen to them anytime of the day and in what ever mood I’m in.  Their music is just so soothing and their lyrics are too real and too raw.  I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, Daughter is the best thing to happen to my playlists.

Check out their NPR session here!

The Break-Up Playlist, Phase I

tpsv2Break-ups are never fun.  And sometimes (or maybe most of the time), the only thing to make you feel better is the person you’re no longer with.  Cartons of ice-cream and dozens of doughnuts can only work for so long!  For me, the remedy for any break-up is a good break-up playlist.  Sometimes, you gotta get all the sadness out of your system in order to really be okay later, and what better way than with music?  No break-up playlist is the same and it will add on for many years to come, so this is just the first of the break-up playlists!

1. Nicest Thing- Kate Nash
2. Too Little Too Late- JoJo
3. Officially Missing You- Tamia
4. Breakdown- Mariah Carey & Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony
5. The Scientist- Coldplay
6. Hero- Regina Spektor
7. Thinking of You- Katy Perry
8. Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy
9. Possibility- Lykke Li
10. Edge of Desire- John Mayer
11. Roslyn- Bon Iver & St. Vincent
12. Look What You’ve Done- Jet
13. Lesson Learned- Alicia Keys & John Mayer
14. All I Wanted- Paramore
15. Better That We Break- Maroon 5
16. Apologies- Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
17. Dreaming with a Broken Heart- John Mayer
18. Gravity- Sara Bareilles
19. Warwick Avenue- Duffy
20. The Ghost of a Good Thing- Dashboard Confessional
21. Bored of Your Love- Meg & Dia

Mechanical Bull


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Kings of Leon’s latest single “Wait For Me.”  And just this week, they released their new album “Mechanical Bull.”  I’ve been listening to it all week (just like I do with all new albums) and catching them on all talk shows. (They gave a full set on Letterman!) It has been awhile since they’ve come out with new stuff–since “Come Around Sundown”– so this week, I’ve definitely been getting my Kings of Leon fix and I am loving it so far!